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All facials are 30, 60, 90 and 180 minutes hands on.

Quick Glow Organic Facial

30 minutes..............$40

A quick lunch time facial to refresh and revitalize the skin. The fruit acids exfoliate the skin to refresh it and a customized organic mask tones, tightens and brightens it. This facial includes a consultation, skin analysis, exfoliation, customized organic mask, face, neck, and shoulder massage, followed by a lip and eye treatment.

Perpetual Glow Organic Facial

60 minutes..............$80

A customized facial with an exotic blend of fruit pulps, combined with a stimulating and oxygenating treatment. This, along with the Red Carpet Fire and Ice technique, will leave your skin glowing for days. The facial targets hyper-pigmentation, rosacea, acne and aging. Includes exfoliation,  extractions, customized organic masques, massage of face, neck and shoulders and moisturization of hands and arms followed by a lip and eye treatment.
This facial will produce dramatic results for any skin type. A Hungarian facial massage is combined with targeted masques and the Arctic Berry Peptide Peel to brighten and hydrate the skin.  Paired with a lip and eye brightening treatment and a hydrating hand treatment, this experience leads to vibrant and radiant skin.

Signature Organic Facial

90 minutes............$130

Perpetual Glow Hungarian Organic Facial

90 minutes.............$140

Indulge your senses to rejuvenate your skin with this customized facial. This features a Hungarian anti-aging facial massage that lifts, tones, and firms the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Includes a consultation, skin analysis, moisturization of hands, arms, and feet, and a lip and eye treatment.

Reiki Organic Facial

180 minutes.............$245

This facial involves Reiki(energy healing). It reduces stress, relaxes, and balances the Chakras. Combined with the Hungarian Organic Facial and a back treatment, this facial is a relaxation package to rejuvenate your mind and body. This includes Reiki, consultation, skin analysis, cleansing, steam, aromatic hot towels, exfoliation, an enzyme treatment, a skin firming ice technique, extractions, customized organic masks, a Hungarian anti-aging face, neck, scalp, and shoulder massage,  moisturization of hands, feet and arms,  and a back facial (without extractions).
This customized cleansing and exfoliating facial for the pores will purify and soothe the skin. This facial includes consultation, skin analysis, deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, an oxygenating treatment to detoxify the skin, a Fire and Ice Technique (if needed), extractions and moisturization of hands, followed by an eye and lip treatment.

Teen Organic Facial

60 minutes...............$65

Tween Organic Facial

(Ages 10-12)

40 minutes............$40

This facial is designed to cleanse and exfoliate the delicate skin of your tween followed by a cooling mask. Includes extractions if needed. 

Organic Back Facial

60 minutes............$70

This is a deep cleansing treatment with a sugar scrub and an exotic blend of fruit acids. It includes a detoxifying treatment, extractions, cooling organic mask, a back and scalp massage, and moisturization of feet or hands.
This is a natural peel made with fruit acids. It has no down time and can be done in between facials. This is a three-step natural peel and peptide system which awakens the skin’s natural inner beauty and targets hyper pigmentation, rosacea, sensitive skin and acne all in one treatment.

Arctic Berry Peptide Peel

40 minutes..............$50

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