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Green Peel

The Green Peel Herbal Treatment is medically developed with natural plant ingredients to increase the overall health of skin. It reduces large pores, age spots, and acne/acne scarring.

What is the Green Peel?

    The Green Peel is a treatment that is completely natural, with no chemicals or synthetic peeling agents. It is a herbal mixture containing, horsetail, Aloe Vera, pansy, algae, and marigold.

    This treatment increases circulation, improves micro-circulation, increases collagen levels, and  dramatically boosts the skin's overall health. It also helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation,  acne/acne scarring, and uneven skin.

Treatment Options

Fresh Up($180)

This option is great as a quick fix before an upcoming event. It also works well on teen acne.


This is a medium depth peel to energize the skin and reduce fine lines, pigment, or uneven skin.​

Both options include a home-care kit and require a downtime of 4 days as aftercare. A consultation of the skin is required before booking the peel.​


  • ​All skin diseases​

  • Bacterial or viral skin infections

  • Seaweed allergy

  • Sensitive skin

  • Actinic keratosis

  • Thin skin with telangiectasia

  • Rosacea

  • Sunburn

  • All new formations of the skin

  • Pregnancy and lactation

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*Does not apply to Seasonal or Rejuvenating Facials

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